What Are The Best Watches For My Budget?


As some of you know, Diesel watches come in a variety of prices, mostly ranging from around $85 to $350, with a few exceptions.

However, I wanted to write a post that talks about watches in the much higher price range, and show you how to find watches under 5,000 dollars.

Once you start going into the higher price points, things get a lot more interesting. That are as many high-end watches as there are low-end, believe it or not, but when you are dealing with 5 grand, you need to consider things for a little bit longer!

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Brands For Under 5,000

Here are some brands that you can find that do watches for under 5,000 dollars.


Both in the men’s and women’s range, Cartier has quite a few watches you can get without passing 5,000, and some of them go a lot cheaper as well.


Again, Omega is one that has a wide range availale. You will find many Omega’s in excess of 5,000 bucks, but you’ll also find a fair few below it. Worn by James Bond in Casino Royale, this might not be as prestigious as the Rolex, but i still a beautiful brand.


Of all the brands on this list, Rolex needs the least introducing. While you can add an extra zero onto the end of our budget and still not be able to afford every Rolex out there, you CAN get some entry level ones, such as theĀ Airking.


If Rolex is a Rolls Royce, Breitling is a Bentley. There’s more than just alliteration here. Brietling is one of those brands for someone who has taste, but wants to show they are aware that there is more than just Rolex out there. They are also generally on the larger side, and you can own one while keeping your budget on the (relatively) smaller side.

TAG Heuer

Quite a few TAG watches fall in the 1,000 to 5,000 range, so it should be no surprise that they’re on this list. They make a great entry-level watch for those interested in the more luxurious brands.


Christian Dior generally focuses on watches for women, and the women tend to focus back. Dior has got some beautiful timepieces, and while they may not be the Swiss thoroughbreds such as those mentioned above, they are still quality.


As with Dior, Chopard is more of a “fashion” than luxury brand (although it is still a Swiss watch), but don’t’ let that take anything away from its quality. You would absolutely not go wrong with any watch on this list.

The Diesel Watches Overview

diesel watch

Time is one of the most precious resources and once you lost it you might not restore it back.For you to keep your time and manage it appropriately,you need to have an executive watch. Diesel watches are part of the best watches in the world. Their amazing nature has seen them gain fame globally attracting a good percentage of people. The watch is worth having it because it is one of the five star watches noted. globally.

The following are the features the watch exhibits as far as diesel watches overviews are concern

Durable watches

Diesel watches are part of the durable watches ever noted. The watches are made of strong materials.The strong materials boosts its durability in a big way. Its durability has seen its users save alot of money meant for replacement and maintenance for other expenses. The watches are not vulnerable to minor chances that can lead to its breakage.

High quality watches

Diesel watches are part of the top quality watches. The quality nature of the watch makes one feel royal. The company that makes the watches has always endeavoured to produce quality watches that can win the market prices easily. It is very important to note that not all watches are of high quality like the diesel watches.

Water resistant watches

The watches are water resistant.Unlike other watches that lets in water,the diesel watches does not allow water in at all.This reduces their chances of getting damaged. Its ability to resist water also contributes to their excellent durability in a big way.

Long lasting batteries

The diesel watches have strong batteries that can last for long before they run short of energy. This makes the watches reliable and you will always be able to know what time it is because the chance of their batteries to run short is low.

Adorable watches

Diesel watch not only help you to save on time but it also adds aesthetic value to your appearance making you look attractive and appealing. Its adorable nature, qualifies the watch to be part of the most valued jewellery .

Easy to adjust and set

The watch is adjustable and you can adjust it to fit your hands.Its alarm is reliable and once you set it it raises an alarm on the exact time you set.

Affordable watch

The watch is pocket friendly .It is not necessary for one to save billions of money to buy the watch. Personal little savings can see one have the watch. Its affordable prices has enabled many people to have the watch with minimal financial constrains as they save good cash for their other expenditures.

Excellent design

The diesel watches are designed in a classic way . Its classic designation is amazing and any time you put on, you feel honoured to have one.

Unique and appealing watch

The watches are unique and nice. Its colors are appealing making the watch excellent. Its uniqueness helps makes the watch competitive in the market.

It is vivid crystal clear that diesel watches are five star watches that is suitable for anyone who wants to feel like having a special watch